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Jeffrey White


As an undergrad who majored in English, I had early dreams of a romantic publishing career in New York City. After countless job interviews, I discovered that romance and publishing only existed in fiction, so I returned to school.  In the mid 90s, I studied the technology side of traditional print media, with a concentration on what would eventually become digital publishing.

As the new millennium approached, lucrative, yet risky, Internet-related opportunities presented themselves. Too afraid to venture from what I knew, I decided to ride the print dinosaur for another decade before realizing that I  had become a modern day version of Willy Loman (minus the asphyxiation attempts).  After fifteen years of sales and project management working with print marketers, I desperately wanted to become a digital marketer.
After a brief stint doing business development for an innovative relationship marketing platform, I became excited by how technology was shaping the future of content marketing. After months of tireless research, I found something that was perfect fit for my sales, communication, and technology skills: inbound!

As a digital and inbound marketing specialist, I will help your business with a website redesign strategy that incorporates inbound best practices. I will then develop authentic marketing assets that provide value, over time, to your prospects and exisiting customers. Through a variety of visual and content tactics, your site will convert strangers into visitors, turn them into leads and customers with the ultimate goal of making them fans and promoters of your product or company. These strategies develop trust and a lasting brand that people will want to be associated with!


Kristy Kilduff

Director of Inbound Marketing Sales

Surviving The Future WIth Inbound Marketing