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What You Need To Know About Sales Enablement

Nov 8, 2017 2:38:37 PM

sales enablement


87% of the terms sales & marketing use to describe each other are NEGATIVE  -- HubSpot

Sales and marketing butt heads on a variety of things that impact their sphere of influence, so they tend not to share what they are working on. This is a bad habit when you are trying to grow a business and generate revenue. Teams need to work together towards a unified vision and be accountable for goals. When marketing and sales work in separate silos, the road to success will be a longer and more challenging ride.
Companies should encourage open two-way communication between these two work groups. When companies make sales enablement their #1 priority, the challenges to grow the business become easier to overcome.
Scott Albro, CEO of TOPO defines Sales Enablement as, the process of providing the sales organization with the information, content, and tools that help sales people sell more effectively. And, the foundation of sales enablement is to provide sales people with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process.
FACT: In most companies Marketing does NOT create the most content, Sales does. -- HubSpot
Think about all the emails, phone calls, power point decks, etc. that a sales team generates in one day. Crazy amount of content, right? Sales should share all their collective content, and customer feedback with marketing on a regular basis. Marketing then would be able to create and distribute content that is relevant and helpful to your ideal audience.
One of the biggest problems for sales and marketing teams is aligning with one goal in mind. The goal is to empower sales teams to sell more efficiently and at a higher velocity. The relationship between Marketing and Sales reminds me of the relationship between offense and defense on a football team. I make this analogy quite often because it is easy to articulate without using marketing vernacular.
Let's start by choosing your favorite football team. Ask yourself, what is the primary goal of offense on Sunday? Then ask, what is the primary goal of defense on Sunday? The goal for both is to "win the game."
Offense and defense are accountable for their contributions to the performance of "the team" each week. Also, every team member needs to prepare and perform well to produce the desired outcome of winning. Without each other the Team will not be successful, let alone last very long on the field.
The long-term goal of a football team is to win the Super Bowl. In order to acheive this long-term goal, the team needs to win each weekly game in order to advance to the ultimate championship. Each team member, based upon their position, will have goals specific to their "work group" they need to achieve or maintain to increase the odds that they will make it to the Super Bowl.
When every team member is accountable for their contribution to the team, and they work together, the team usually wins. If we look at sales and marketing as a team, their long-term goals should align so every team member can work together to have a successful outcome.
The long-term vision and goals might look different for every organization, so take a minute to think about your own organization. What is the long-term vision for your company? It might be to double in size in two years or open more locations. Now think about what goals that you need to reach your vision.


3 Tools For Successful Sales Enablement

1. Smarketing

According to HubSpot, the term "smarketing" refers to alignment between your sales and marketing teams created through frequent and direct communication between the two. The goal is to have measurable goals that each team agrees to hit so there's mutual accountability. 

Smarketing meetings provide a platform for shared insights in a psychological safe environment. These meetings should not be an opportunity to complain. The purpose of the meeting is to share insights on what content is working and not working. The information shared in this meeting will guide marketing to create relevant content. When organizing this meeting, you should invite people from a variety of departments. Attendees to this meeting are active participants. They will need to contribute and share ideas. Each business is different, so you will need to find a cadence for this meeting that works best for you.


2. Service Level Agreement

A service level agreement is an official commitment that prevails between a service provider and a client. (Source) You will want to create a Service Level Agreement agreed upon by sales and marketing.
service level agreement
The SLA is the key to aligning the teams with one mutual goal - generating revenue.
3 Things You Will Need To Create A SLA
  • Average Conversion Rate From Lead to Opportunity 
  • Average Conversion Rate From Opportunity to Closed Sale
  • Average Value Of A Sale
With these three pieces of information, you can calculate how many qualified leads marketing needs to send to sales in order for your company to meet its revenue goal. Hubspot has a free calculator that you can use to help you with this process.
TIP: Monetizing the value of leads aligns sales and marketing with their revenue goal. The better the quality of the lead, the higher the value and the more likely to shorten the sales cycle. 


3. Technology

Whatever sales and marketing automation software you use it is important that you track your progress with the right sales enablement technology for your business. Sales enablement technology is important for 3 reasons:
  • You need to measure the results of your efforts
  • Provide visibility to the results you are driving
  • Automate parts of the process to end inefficiencies.
In order for sales enablement to be successful leadership needs to mandate this culture. Ray Carroll, VP of Sales at Enagio states, It’s about driving growth while partnering with the other key areas of the business to help them do their jobs as well.  
Working together, sales and marketing can create a sales enablement strategy that can empower sales to sell more and at a higher velocity, thus generating more growth and revenue.
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